DWA #62 and DWM #395

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The Tardis Base has recieved the cover and details for both Doctor Who Adventures #62, and Doctor Who Magazine #395. Here are the details for Doctor Who Magazine;

David Tennant and the cast of the latest Doctor Who adventure discuss the war-loving, potato-headed, baddies in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine...

“Sontarans are great,” beams David, while sitting on a deck chair, and watching a troop of Sontarans march across the Doctor Who set. “I think that’s partly because they come from a very specific world. That back story gives them a great context. Robert Holmes didn’t just create a race, back in the 1970s: he created a world that they came from. Even if you never saw that planet, you understood why they did what they did.”

Also this issue:
An exclusive interview with Georgia Moffett on what it’s like being the Doctor’s Daughter.
Previews of the next four episodes of Series Four – The Doctor’s Daughter, The Unicorn and the Wasp and Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead – featuring new and previously unpublished photos!
Russell T Davies reveals all about Partners in Crime’s top secret scene in Production Notes.
There’s a crisis in the Caribbean as Donna makes her comic strip d├ębut in Part One of The Widow’s Curse.
DWM visits Rome and reveals the true story of how a disaster was created, in an exclusive report on the making of The Fires of Pompeii – featuring interviews with actor Francois Pandolfo and writer James Moran.
Rose returns? Missing planets?! Vanishing bees?!? What can it all mean? We look at the clues...
What are Ood, but a reflection of ourselves? Find out as we go behind-the-scenes on the Ood-sphere and talk to the cast and crew of Planet of the Ood, including Keith Temple, Tim McInnerny, Paul Kasey and Adrian Rawlins.
Actress Louise Jameson tells what it was really like to work with Tom Baker in Doctor Who...
The Time Team discover if Karfel is really as awful as its reputation, as they watch Timelash.
PLUS all the latest news, exclusive photos, reviews, previews, competitions and even more!

And here are the details for Doctor Who Adventures #62;

This week’s issue of Doctor Who Adventures prepares you for a battle with the Sontarans.
Check out our favourite bits from last week’s adventure and get the lowdown on what scares to expect in part two of the Sontaran story, The Poison Sky.

Are you a Friend of the Ood? Yes? Then make sure you enter the first part of our three-part win a life-size Ood head competition!

The issue comes with a FREE Doctor Who Adventures keyring plus a set of monster bouncy balls featuring some of the menacing creatures from the series!

Three cool posters: The Doctor and Donna, The Sontaran Stratagem and the Sisters in The Fires of Pompeii.
Tales from the TARDIS: Mickey activates the Dalek Genesis Ark by accident!
Quiz: How well do you know the Sontarans?
Activity: Make a creepy Pyrovile mask.
Secrets: Behind the scenes with Doctor Who Confidential – find out how the Adipose came to life.
Doctor's Data: The Adipose.
Comic strip: The Doctor uncovers a secret in Vienna…
Time Teasers: Loads of puzzles to solve – hunt the hands and untangle the Ood tentacles!
Who knows! Who made the sonic screwdriver and which Doctor has had the most companions?
Win: Bag some great gifts!
Subscription offer: If you subscribe you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who audiobook!

Doctor Who Magazine #395 and Doctor Who Adventures #62, are out from tomorrow at all good newsagents across the UK and Ireland.

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