Doctor Who Magazines and Books

The picture above was made by me.
Today, Thursday the 1st of May, is the day that two Doctor Who Magazines and one Doctor Who Book is released. First off we have Doctor Who Magazine #395 which is priced £3.99 and features previews to the next four episodes, information on Rose's return and more. Next we have Doctor Who Adventures #62, which is priced £2.10 and includes a preview to the Poison Sky and comes free with bouncy balls and a Doctor Who Adventures keyring. And finally, we have Doctor Who: Starships and Spacestations which is priced £7.99 and features an in depth look at all the Spaceships in Doctor Who.

Update: Some sources are saying that Starships and Spacestations comes out on the 8th of May. Please bare in mind it may not be released until then.

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~ Zobles