Hoix in Torchwood?

I have watched the trailer for Exit Wounds a few times and I have been wandering if that was a Hoix or a Weevil in the trailer? Well I paused it and found out it is more than likely the Hoix! Don't be confused the Weevils are in the trailer as well. Above is the picture of what I think is the Hoix. To view the trailer and judge for yourself click here.

For those of you who don't know, the Hoix is a creature from Series 2 of Doctor Who. He featured in episode 10 "Love and Monsters" for a few minutes as the Doctor and Rose were chased by him. Also there is another preview for Exit Wounds which you can view here.

Torchwood Exit Wounds airs tomorrow (April 4th) at 9pm on BBC2. Also expect a cliffhanger to Series 4 of Doctor Who at the end of the episode. Be warned the Hoix may not feature and there may not be a cliffhanger. Also David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be on GMTV tomorrow at 8:30am.

~ Zobles