In the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out today, Steven Moffat reveals that Doctor Who series seven may not have any two parters, because he think the series will benefit if it is full of big standalone stories rather than a story written just for the sake of being a two parter. See what he said below:
”The big thing is, nothing in the next run is starting out as a two-parter. At this stage, everything is a single episode, and the only reason anything will become a two-parter is if we think it needs to be; not so much that the story is too long for 45 minutes, because nothing is too long for 45 minutes, but if it feels as though there are two distinct stages to the story…"

"I was looking at the facts and stats and it’s not true that the two-parters save us money. We’ve assumed it for years. They don’t save us money at all. Not a penny. So what’s the point in them? The viewing figures always go down. The AI goes down, even if the second episode is the better one. The press coverage goes down. The trailers are a bit boring. I want to be able to say, every week, we’ve got a big standalone blockbuster, and then a trailer that makes it look like nothing compared to what’s going to happen next week! That’s the form for next year.”
Were you a fan of two parters? Are you happy with the idea of a series full of standalone story series? Tell us below!