2 Entertain have released the cover art and details for next years release of the classic 3rd Doctor story “The Dæmons”, a five part serial originally shown between 22nd May and 19th June in 1971. See the cover and details below:

Doctor Who - The Dæmons
The Doctor is joined by Katy Manning playing Jo Grant as well as UNIT regulars Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin and John Levene with Roger Delgado appearing as the main villan of the piece.

Christopher Barry directed the story which was written by Barry Letts and Robert Sloman.

The story was originally screened between 22nd May and 19th June in 1971, where it brought to an end the eighth season of the show. Its popularity saw it repeated the following Christmas in an omnibus form. It received a further repeat in 1992 when restored versions of each episode were repeated on BBC2 on consecutive Fridays.

Extras on the disc include:
  • The Devil Rides Out - A documentary on the making of the story. (29 mins)
  • Episode One Colourisation Test. (25 mins)
  • Tomorrow's World Extract (5 mins)
  • The BBC's Dr Who - On Location - At Aldbourne (7 Min)
  • Photo Gallery (6 Min)
  • Remembering Barry Letts. Feature on the much loved Doctor Who Producer. (33 mins)
The Dæmons will be released on DVD on March 26th 2012 for £14.99.