Just moments ago at the press screening of "The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe", Steven Moffat revealed that Amy and Rory will be leaving Doctor Who next series, with casting for a new companion to take place soon.

BBC reporter Lizo Mzimba tweeted from the screening:
“Amy and Rory will leave ‘heartbreakingly’ during next series and The Doctor will get a new companion.”

“Steven Moffat says plenty of Amy and Rory in next series, but they will leave ‘heartbreakingly’. New companion not yet cast"

The official Doctor Who website went on to confirm the news:
“The final days of the Ponds are coming during the next series. Then the Doctor will meet a new friend”
Last month we asked you if you wanted Amy and Rory to stay or leave Doctor Who, and more of you voted them to stay! What are your thoughts on the Ponds departure news?