New Doctor Who Sticker Collection

Merlin Stickers recently released brand new Doctor Who Stickers. You can buy the Sticker Album for £1.50 and packets of Stickers for 35p per pack. This is the third Doctor Who Sticker Collection released by Merlin. There are over 240 stickers to collect! Here is the press release;

The Doctor is back…. Follow all the latest exciting adventures of the Doctor and his assistant as they travel through time and space. Catch up with familiar aliens like the Ood and meet the new Sontarans in this fantastic 48-page album. There are over 240 stickers to collect including large foil shiny stickers plus there’s a great A2 wallchart inside the album to put on your wall. Start collecting now, before time runs out!

The stickers in the collection range from Evolution of the Daleks to The Sontaran Stratagem. The brand new Doctor Who Sticker collection is out now at all good shops across the UK and Ireland. Will you be buying the stickers?

~ Zobles