Doctor Who Magazine #397 Cover Released

The picture above was made by me.

The cover for issue 397 of Doctor Who Magazine has been released. The cover contains a spoiler on it, so if you want to see it, click HERE. Doctor Who Magazine comes free with a Classic Series Target Novel, with 27 different ones to choose from. Inside the magazine you can read previews to The Stolen Earth and Journeys End and there's an interview with Steven Moffat and more. It will be released on the 26th of June at the estimated price of £3.99.

In other news final figures released by BARB give episode nine of Series Four, Forest of the Dead, an official rating of 7.84 million viewers. Also Noel Clarke recently confirmed that he will return as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who in a recent interview on BBC Breakfast. You can see the clip here. What do you think of the cover for Doctor Who Magazine? Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles