Battles in Time Devastator Special and Cards

The highly popular Doctor Who trading card game and magazine, Battles in Time is now to be extended after it's 52 issue run. The fifth Battles in Time card set is called Devastator and follows on from previous Exterminator, Annihilator, Invader and Ultimate Monsters.

Join the Tenth Doctor and face the scariest monsters and vile villains from the latest series of Doctor Who as Doctor Who: Battles in Time launches its latest expansion set covering the fourth series of the massively popular TV show.

Continuing the phenomenal success of Battles in Time’s Exterminator, Annihilator, Invader and Ultimate Monsters sets, the Devastator cards feature 250 brand-new, spectacular images from the fourth year of the TV series.

Prepare to do battle with rabid Ood, lava monsters, the war hungry Sontarans, terrifying creatures that can change time, and Davros, the creator of the dreaded Daleks himself!

The new Devastator set features special holo and lenticular super-rares and ultra-rares, plus a selection powerboosting bonus cards that add exciting new levels to your game-play.

• 250 unique designs based on the 2008 Doctor Who TV adventures, plus the 2007 Christmas Special, ‘Voyage of the Damned’!
• Pack odds: 209 common cards (9 in every pack); 25 rare (1 in every pack); 10 super-rare (1 in every 6 packs); 6 ultra-rare (1 in every 24 packs). Extra to the set is a Golden Ticket card, which is the rarest card of all – there’s only 1 in every thousand packs!

The Battles in Time Devastator cards will be released on the 3rd of September at the price of £1.50 per pack and the Special issue will be released on the 16th of September at the price of £4.99. Will you be buying these new cards and special issue when they are released? Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles