This Week in Doctor Who

Hello and welcome to the first guide to what's happening in Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures for the week! This is a new regular feature and every Monday you can come back to see what's in store for the week in the world of Doctor Who! You can see what's happening this week below;

Monday 15th September

Classic story Four to Doomsday released on DVD.

Wednesday 17th September

Battles in Time #53 released.
Battles in Time Devastator special released.
Battles in Time Devastator booster packs released.

Thursday 18th September

Doctor Who Adventures #82 released.
Doctor Who Magazine #400 released.
Torchwood Lost Souls released on CD.

Saturday 20th September

Torchwood Kiss Kiss Bang Bang repeated, BBC HD.

Sunday 21st September

Doctor Who The Stolen Earth airs in Austrailia on ABC 1.
Doctor Who Turn Left airs on BBC Prime.

This feature on the Tardis Base may be moved to a new page and may be posted on Sunday's from now on. Thanks.