Secrets of the Stars Part 1 - Hidden Bonuses

Earlier this afternoon The Sarah Jane Adventures Secrets of the Stars part one got its debut on BBC One and after the episode aired the official BBC website for The Sarah Jane Adventures updated for the episode. Every week there are five hidden bonuses which are hidden around the website. Here are this week's bonuses;

1. Homepage - Hover over the red pin at the bottom left of the Memory Mayhem advertisement to get this wallpaper.
2. Mr Smith - Hover over the fourth red button from the right of Mr Smith's keyboard.
3. Alien Objects - There is a problem with this one, it still has last weeks wallpaper when you hover over the chair.
4. Games - Hover over the button to the left on Sarah Jane's computer to get a video.
5. Secret Files - Hover over the object under the globe to get this wallpaper.

To go to the official website for The Sarah Jane Adventures click here. This week's password for the protected file is Gemini and the wallpaper can be seen here.