The BBC has revealed that they has received a lot of complaints that Torchwood Miracle Day has too much gay content. This comes even though the BBC cut a gay-sex scene from an episode of Miracle Day.

The BBC have responded to the claims by saying: 
"We've received complaints from some viewers who feel there is too much gay content in Torchwood. We have strict editorial guidelines which govern the content of our programmes, and Torchwood is no exception."

In post-watershed content, we must be able to justify the frank and realistic portrayal of sex and the exploration of themes and issues which some people might find offensive."

The BBC explained that the audience have known John Barrowman's "established character" Captain Jack Harkness "to be promiscuous and bi-sexual", explaining that "we felt the content was justified in terms of the context and characters and would be within the expectations of regular viewers".
"We aim to depict relationships whether heterosexual or homosexual in an honest and realistic way. These scenes are not meant to cause offence."
What next, Doctor Who has too much heterosexual content with marriage and babies?