This Week in Doctor Who

Every Sunday you can come back to see what's in store for the week in the world of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures! You can see what's happening this week below;

Monday 3rd November

Doctor Who Brave New Town, 12am, BBC 7.
Sarah Jane Adventures Secrets of the Stars Part 2, 4.35pm, BBC One.
Sarah Jane Adventures Mark of the Berserker Part 1, 5.15pm, CBBC.

Thursday 6th November

Mag: Torchwood Magazine #11 released.
Mag: Doctor Who Adventures #89 released.

Friday 7th November

Doctor Who Silence in the Library airs in Canada on CBC.

Saturday 8th November

Sarah Jane Adventures Secrets of the Stars repeated, 5pm on CBBC.
Torchwood A Day in the Death repeated, 7.20pm on BBC HD.

Sunday 9th November

Doctor Who The Skull of Sobek, 6pm, BBC 7.