DVD Files Issue 1 Released

The very 1st issue of the Doctor Who DVD Files was released today in all good newsagents across the UK and Ireland at the cheap price of £1.99. This issue comes with the first two episodes of series one; Rose and The End of the World. Inside the issue you can read lots of facts which can be later put into a binder. Next issue, on sale in two weeks time, comes free with a binder to store your files plus it comes with the episodes The Unquiet Dead and Aliens of London. Issue 3 will be released on the 11th of February and it comes free with divider cards for your binder, and your next DVD, featuring the series one episodes World War Three and Dalek. Issue four of the magazine will be on sale on the 25th of February and it will come with your regular DVD, this time having the episodes The Long Game and Father's Day, plus the issue comes free with The Five Doctors as a bonus. Each issue after issue 1 will be sold at the price of £6.99. To go to the official website for the DVD Files then click here. On the website you can subscribe, and subscribers will recieve the issues discounted, plus they will get cool goodies including three series three figures, a DVD storage box and the 8th Doctor movie. Did you get issue 1 of the DVD Files?