Children of Earth in Summer?

Michael Jensen from claims that he got to ask Garth Ancier, the president of BBC America, when Torchwood series three would air on BBC America. Garth Ancier said to him that although there hasnt been a confirmed airdate yet, that is is likely that the series will air in America during the Summer which could be either late June or early July. But he added that the episodes of series three will transmit in America on the same day as they do in the UK, which would mean that the airdate for the UK and Irish fans will be the same. Many Torchwood fans in the UK are disappointed after we were told it would air in Spring but this does mean that American fans will also get to enjoy the series without having to wait a couple of months. To go to read the full article by Michael Jensen then click here. None of this information is confirmed, so at the moment plans may change. What do you think of this news? Would you rather have the series on in Spring?