Doctor Who on Stage?

Various different sources are reporting that there are plans to bring Doctor Who to stage. The show will apparently go on tour across the UK, and according to the Sun newspaper, the show will feature an amazing sound and light show that will featur many different monsters from the TV series. A BBC insider apparently said the following:

"The BBC know they’ve got a massive hit show on their hands, so they want to take it to the next level. They want it to be a Doctor Who experience which will blast fans with amazing visuals and music. The emphasis will be on technology so it’s unlikely any of the show’s stars will be on stage. But they are expected to feature in video elements. That said, the idea of using real actors hasn’t been ruled out.”

If any more news becomes available about this then it will be posted here, but please note that at the moment these are only rumours and so they may turn out to be false.