Doctor Who Wirrn Dawn

Big Finish have now revealed the cover and details for an upcoming 8th Doctor audio adventure called Wirrn Dawn. The synopsis for the story can be seen below;

“This is full scale war. Wirrn and Humankind locked in a deadly struggle for survival. When did that happen?”

The Doctor and Lucie land right in the middle of one of the human race’s bloodiest periods of history. Trying to make a difference here would be like standing up and calling for a cease-fire on the Somme. Certain death...

Or Worse.

Survival can be a messy business.

This audio adventure stars Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor, Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller and the story is written by Nicholas Briggs. It will be released on CD on the 30th of June, and it will go on sale at the RRP of £10.99 across the UK and Ireland.