News on the Last Two Doctor Who Specials

Please note that this post contains spoilers regarding upcoming Doctor Who episodes. Bernard Cribbins, the actor who played Donna Noble's grandfather Wilfred Mott, is returning to Doctor Who for David Tennant's last 2 episodes as the Doctor. He was seen filming with David Tennant, David Harewood, men in military uniforms, and other people who were screaming, at Tredegar House in Newport. You can view 2 pictures from filming here and here. Filming for the last 2 specials will continue over the next few weeks, and it is rumoured that filming will take place at Donna's home over the coming days. At the moment it is unknown if Catherine Tate is actually reprising her role as Donna, but I will keep you informed on that. A couple of weeks ago Jessica Hynes, who previously appeared as Joan Redfern in Doctor Who series 3, was seen filming for the last 2 specials. She seemed to be playing a woman called Verity Newman, who was signing copies of her book, A Journal of Impossible Things. You can see 2 pictures from that days filming here and here. The last 2 Doctor Who specials are expected to air at around Christmas time.