Doctor Who Adventures Issue 110

Along with the poll results from Doctor Who Adventures magazine (see previous post), BBC Magazines have also emailed us the cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures issue 110 which was released today. This issue includes a Planet of the Dead preview. You can see the cover and the press release below;

Dress up like the Doctor with Doctor Who Adventures magazine!

This week’s bumper issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out on Thursday 9 April, will prepare you for this weekend’s special episode, Planet of the Dead.

Check out a preview of the new adventure. Who is the mysterious Christina? What is a London bus doing on an alien world? And what about the creepy new aliens that look like big flies?!

You’ll also find a competition to win loads of Doctor Who DVDs (containing 21 stories in total!) plus an LCD television with built-in DVD player.

The issue comes with a dress-up-like-the Doctor kit – including everything you need to look like your favourite Time Lord. There’s a TARDIS key, sonic screwdriver, glasses and tie! Make sure you’re dressed as the Doctor while watching the Easter special.

What else?

  • Posters: Planet of the Dead, the TARDIS, the Doctor in Silence in the Library, the Ood.
  • Fact file: 21 amazing facts about the Doctor!
  • Survival guide: What to do if you meet a Slitheen.
  • Tales from the TARDIS: Davros tests out the Reality Bomb – look out!
  • Puzzles and competitions: Fun things to work out and win!
  • Comic strip: Danger on the planet Tranquility.
  • Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get an amazing Doctor Who book!

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 110, priced £2.75, is out Thursday. It’s essential reading for young fans of monsters and time travel.

This issue of Doctor Who Adventures is on sale in all good newsagents across the UK and Ireland at the RRP of £2.75, make sure you get your copy by the 16th of April, which is when issue 111 will be released. Issue 111 will come free with a Dalek stationary set, and it will include Planet of the Dead facts.