Doctor Who Adventures Issue 113

BBC Magazines have kindly emailed us the cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures issue 113 today. This issue of the magazine will be officially released in all good shops tomorrow and it features a guide to the Sontarans, news on Wilf's return, a brand new comic strip and much more. You can see the cover and the press release for the magazine below;

In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures magazine…

Sontar-ha! There are Sontarans on the loose

Doctor Who Adventures looks at last year’s Sontaran invasion, with a monster who’s who and story guide to the exciting episodes. We also look at the Sontaran warship – a very impressive and magnificent spaceship!

This week’s magazine comes with a Sontaran spaceship game, badges, and stickers.

What else?
  • Posters: The Tenth Doctor, Cybermen, Sontarans and Daleks!
  • Make: You’ll find a Tritovore mask and we show you how to make some alien hands.
  • News: Wilf’s back … but where’s Donna?
  • Blast from the Past: Sarah Jane travels in the TARDIS for the first time and the Doctor meets a Sontaran. Yikes!
  • Puzzles and competitions: Fun things to work out and win.
  • Comic strip: All is not well when the Doctor and Heather go sightseeing.
  • Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get an amazing Doctor Who book!

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 113, priced £2.10, is out Thursday 30 April 2009.

This issue of Doctor Who Adventures will go on sale in all good newsagents across the UK and Ireland at the RRP of £2.10. I got my copy today of the magazine today, one day early, and if you want a copy then make sure you get it by Thursday the 7th of May, which is when issue 114 will be released. Issue 114 will come free with a Dalek wallet, and the issue will include secrets from Planet of the Dead, the top 10 Dalek dangers and facts on the Trickster.