Battles in Time Issue 69

The 68th issue of the Doctor Who card and magazine collection "Doctor Who: Battles in Time" was released in all good shops in the UK and Ireland today. This issue of the magazine comes free with a packet of Devastator cards and a packet of Ultimate Monster cards and it includes a four page spread which includes information about the Sontaran that appeared in the Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, Commander Kaagh. Commander Kaagh appeared in the series 2 episodes "The Last Sontaran" and "Enemy of the Bane". I have scanned up the cover of the magazine and it can be seen below;

As well as taking a look at Commander Kaagh, this issue also includes information about the 9th Doctor, plus there is a new comic called "The House at the End of the World" and a behind the scenes interview with Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures writer Gareth Roberts. This issue will stay on sale for 2 weeks at the RRP of £2.50 and then issue 70, the last ever issue will be released.