Filming Update: Captain Jack's Back!

John Barrowman has been spotted filming for the last two Doctor Who specials today which confirms that Captain Jack will be making a return to Doctor Who for David Tennant's last episodes as the 10th Doctor. Filming took place in Cardiff and Russell Tovey who previously appeared in the 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned" as Midshipman Frame was seen with John Barrowman, which suggests that he will also be starring in the episodes, but whether or not he will be playing a different character is yet to be seen. You can see some pictures from the set below thanks to Scooty from the Doctor Who Forum.

Filming seemed to be taking place indoors today and David Tennant was seen leaving the building, but unfortunately no pictures of him or Russell Tovey have been posted online as of yet. Some people are also reporting that a Graske and a Slitheen were seen on set, and that this is all for a scene with the Shadow Proclamation. The last two Doctor Who specials will air at sometime around Christmas.