Sarah Jane and Luke Back in Doctor Who

Both Elisabeth Sladen and Thomas Knight, who play Sarah Jane and Luke Smith in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures were seen on set today for filming of the last 2 Doctor Who 2009 specials. Filming took place at Clinton Road which acts as Bannerman Road, where Sarah Janes house is. In the scene that was filmed today the Doctor saved Luke from getting hit by a car while crossing the road, then Luke realizes that its the Doctor who saved him, and he then runs to get Sarah Jane. When Sarah Jane comes out of her house both she and Luke watch as the Doctor goes into the Tardis. It is expected that this episode of Doctor Who will take place after The Sarah Jane Adventures series 3, which will air in Autumn, as the last 2 Doctor Who 2009 specials will be shown at some point near Christmas, after series 3 has finished. Today Catherine Tate who plays Donna, and John Simm who plays the Master were also seen on set, and Donna was seen wearing a wedding dress.