Planet of the Dead Tonight

The picture above was made by me.
Make sure you dont forget to watch Planet of the Dead tonight. Planet of the Dead is the first Doctor Who special of the year, and it sees the Doctor and his new companion Christina going on a bus which takes a detour to another world. After the episode finishes a new episode of Doctor Who Confidential will be shown, and it will take a behind the scenes look at the episode. The Doctor Who schedule for tonight can be seen below;

Doctor Who "Planet of the Dead" - 6.45pm - BBC One and BBC HD
Doctor Who Confidential (Desert Storm) - 8.30pm - BBC Three

Planet of the Dead is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts, and it stars David Tennant as the Doctor and Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina de Souza. The episode also guest stars Lee Evans, Noma Dumezweni, Adam James, Glenn Doherty, Victoria Alcock, David Ames, Ellen Thomas, Reginald Tsiboe, Daniel Kaluuya, Keith Parry and James Layton.