Vortex Event in Belfast

Actors and characters from Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures will be appearing in a rare day-long Ireland Doctor Who convention. The event , called "The Vortex" will take place in Belfast at the Europa Hotel on Sunday the 3rd of May. Three guests have been announced for the event so far. Gareth David Lloyd who plays Ianto in Torchwood and Doctor Who, Chipo Chung who played Chantho and the Fortune Teller in Doctor Who, and Paul Marc Davis who played the Futurekind leader in Doctor Who, the Cowled Leader in Torchwood and the Trickster in The Sarah Jane Adventures will all be appearing at the event. At the event live characters including the Daleks and Ood will greet attendees as they arrive, there will be guest Q&As, autograph sessions, photo sessions, charity auctions, dealer tables and much more, including The Weakest Link, where you can enter a special stage version of the hit quiz show as seen in Doctor Who "Bad Wolf". Tickets for the event cost £10 per person, and if you pay an extra £15 you can go to a Coffee Club Meet & Greet where the guests will come around to you one by one. You can book tickets and read more information about the event here.