Digital Spy Children of Earth Review and Teasers

Digital Spy have published a review for Torchwood: Children of Earth on their website. The article reviews the first three episodes in the five part series which are named by days, "Day One", "Day Two", and "Day Three". Here is an extract taken from the review; "The amazing opening episode 'Day One' hits the ground running, beginning with a mysterious event in 1965 Scotland before zapping forward to the present day and some possessed children. With the move to BBC One hopefully bringing in a broader audience, Russell T Davies's script economically and seamlessly manages to re-establish the show's trio of surviving regular characters for new viewers without alienating the existing fans. In particular, Jack and Ianto's hospital-based introduction - involving a very nasty hitchhiker blended with some light-hearted banter - is a delight to watch. Twin Peaks fans should keep their eyes peeled for a damn fine in-joke involving an estate agent too." You can read the full review here. Digital Spy have also released an article with ten teasers about the series and that can be seen here.