Series Five Filming Begins

Filming for the fifth series of Doctor Who began today in Dunraven Bay which has previously acted as Bad Wolf Bay in series two and four of the show. Today was Karen Gillian and Matt Smiths first day of filming for the series and they can both be seen in an image from the set today which reveals the 11th Doctors costume. Also on the set was a new Tardis exterior, and Alex Kingston who played River Song in series four was also spotted filming. A Doctor Who filming report has said that in the scene filmed today the Tardis seemed to have landed next to a crash landing, there was debris and thick smoke everywhere. Then the Doctor and his companion who is called Amy Pond, leave the Tardis and have a look around. Then the Doctor recognises River Song and they start talking. You can see pictures from todays filming here, here, and here. You can also read a BBC press release about the filming here, see a full size promotional picture from the set here, and a video interview of Benjamin Cook and Lizo Mzimba from when they were on BBC Breakfast this morning talking about Doctor Who series five here.