David Harewood Digital Spy Interview

David  Harewood,   who  will  play  a  character called Joshua Naismith in the last two Doctor Who specials of the year, recently spoke to Digital Spy about his role. When asked about his character he said; "He's a rather strange individual. He wants to do something remarkable and he seeks the help of probably the most evil person in the universe. And by seeking his help, he sets in motion a series of events that could possibly bring about the end of the world." When asked about the atmosphere on the set of David Tennants last scenes as the Doctor, he said; "I'd say it was very charged - people were in tears. It was the end of a very successful partnership. It was obviously David's last outing, and it was also Russell's last outing and Julie Gardner's last outing. So everyone was saying goodbye to what had been a very successful partnership." You can read the full interview with David Harewood on Digital Spy’s website here.