Doctor Who Adventures Issue 133

BBC Magazines have kindly emailed us the front cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures issue 133, which was released in all good shops last Thursday across the UK and Ireland at the recommended retail price of £2.10. This issue looks at the 10 best shape-shifters in Doctor Who, and more. You can see the cover and the press release for the magazine below.


REVEALED: The ultimate shape-changer.

Doctor Who Adventures runs down the top 10 shape-changers, but who will come top?

Flash back to the 1920s for a monster murder mystery with this week’s story guide: The Unicorn and the Wasp. A murder investigation, a beastly bug and best-selling author Agatha Christie, the perfect combination for a great Doctor Who adventure.

This week’s Doctor Data is Sarah Jane Adventures’ Mr Smith – find out where he came from and how he once helped a shape-changing Slitheen!

Doomfinger features in this week’s favourite scene as we go back to 1599 London and The Shakespeare Code.

All this and…

o Three fantastic sticker sets of your favourite Who characters

o Learn how to become a Time Agent

o 3 brilliant posters

o Puzzles and competitions – Doctor Who DVDs to be won plus other prizes and puzzles

o Subscription offer subscribe today and save a fantastic 40%

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 133, priced £2.10, is in shops on Thursday 17 September!

Grab your copy today before it changes into another shape!

The next issue of the magazine, issue 134, will be released this Thursday, the 24th of September and will come free with a mystery gift and will take a look at Roses first trip in the Tardis, and will also a new comic strip, a competition to design a new gadget, and much more.