Doctor Who Adventures Issue 134

BBC Magazines have kindly emailed us the front cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures issue 134, which was released in all good shops today across the UK and Ireland at the recommended retail price of £2.10. This issue looks at all of the short Doctor Who special episodes, and the top 10 planets to visit. You can see the cover and the press release below.

DWA 134

EXTRA adventures!

Doctor Who Adventures takes a look at all the mini adventures the Doctor has experienced over the years, from the Attack of the Graske to Time Crash.

The Doctor has travelled to many exciting places on his adventures. This week’s Top 10 is all about the best planets he’s visited, but which will be number one? The countdown includes Gallifrey, the Ood Sphere and Midnight.
Find out how well you know the Weeping Angels in this week’s quiz. But remember not to blink while doing it!
This week’s favourite scene takes us back to the first time Rose steps inside the TARDIS.

All this and…

o Free Doctor Who gift!

o 3 fantastic posters

o Puzzles and competitions - Create a new gadget for the doctor. The winner’s invention will be used by the Doctor in a future comic strip.

o Subscription offer subscribe today and save a fantastic 40%

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 134, priced £2.10, is in shops on Thursday 24 September!

The perfect magazine for young Doctor Who fans!

The next issue of the magazine, issue 135, will be released on Thursday, the 1st of October and will come free with a Cyberman head frame and a packet of Alien Armies cards. The issue will take a look at the top 10 funny moments, and will also a new comic strip, and much more.