Prisoner of the Judoon Linked To Dreamland

The  head  writer  of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Phil Ford, has revealed to SFX that the first story in SJA series three, Prisoner of the Judoon, will have a direct link to the upcoming Doctor Who animated adventure, Dreamland. A screening for Prisoner of the Judoon was held, and here is a quote from SFX regarding the episode; “It’s a fantastic romp, which joyously pokes fun at the Judoons' jobsworth attitude and has a bizarre performance from Lis Sladen that needs to be seen to be believed. It's all very silly, but loveably so, with some great, laugh-out-loud one-liners and some pretty decent effects - the kids in the audience loved the baddie alien's lizard tongue. The main problem with it are Rani's comedy parents (the modern-day Meekers from Rentaghost) , who have far too much screen time and get in the way of the action. They're fine as background support characters, but you really don't want them in the main action.” You can read the full article about Prisoner of the Judoon on the official SFX website here.