New Doctor Who Logo Revealed


Today the BBC have revealed a new logo for Doctor Who that will be used in the opening titles and on the show merchandise starting from next year for the fifth series of the show. In a press release regarding the logo, it states that the animated insignia of the show's initials will be used as branding for the new series in conjunction with the logo, so will not appear in the titles. The new head writer and executive producer for series five, Steven Moffat, said; "A new logo. The 11th logo for the 11th Doctor – those grand old words, Doctor Who, suddenly looking newer than ever. And, look at that, something really new – an insignia! DW in TARDIS form! Simple and beautiful, and most important of all, a completely irresistible doodle. I apologise to school notebooks everywhere, because in 2010 that's what they're going to be wearing.” A video showing all of the logos from the past can be seen on the official site here. Meanwhile, filming for series five has been continuing, and you can see some photos from the set below thanks to the Doctor Who set reporter Alun Vega. It appears that the scene being filmed is for episode 1 of the series, as the 11th Doctor is wearing the 10th Doctors clothes, possibly just after the regeneration in the final special.


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