Radio Times Doctor Who

Today there was a nice surprise in my door, it was a copy of the new Doctor Who Radio Times souvenir sent to me to review for the site. This glossy 164 page book is so great to look at, with so many amazing photographs, some which have never been seen before! When I say that this is a FANTASTIC book I am not lying, it comes complete with coverage of everything from Doctor Who that was exclusive to the Radio Times from 2005 to now, even including the coverage from The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith! Sadly, the Children of Earth exclusive photoshoot from last year is not featured, but that is so forgettable considering how fantastically detailed every single page is. I just had to share some of the incredible photography from the souvenir book, so scans are below;

The Doctor  Scarecrows  Judoon

Dalek New York The Doctor

THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY DOCTOR WHO FAN OR COLLECTOR ALIKE AND IS VERY LIMITED, so don’t hesitate to order a copy by calling the 24 hour hotline at 0844 543 9822, the book costs £6.99 with free postage.