DWA 179Press Release

This week's issue of Doctor Who Adventures comes with THREE brilliant gifts! You'll get a whole pack of Dalek playing cards, a giant two-sided poster and loads of cool stickers. Plus, if you're a lucky golden ticket winner, you'll win another gift!

Once you rip your mag out of its bag, you'll find loads of awesome stuff inside! There's the ultimate Dalek guide to all the creepy pepperpots we've met (there's loads!), vital facts on the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, a terrifying travel guide all about Leadworth (avoid it at all costs!), exclusive info on what it's like being a Doctor Who monster, a yucky look at foul food (what snacks make you go 'ooh' and 'eew'?), a new comic adventure starring the Doctor and Amy and loads more besides!

What's more, if you find a lucky golden ticket inside your mag, you've won a mystery prize! It could be a cool Weeping Angel figure, a Doctor and Amy figure or even a remote-control 13" Dalek Drone. Grab your mag now!

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 179, is out now (12 August)!