Press Release

You'll get a cool Dalek spinner and stickers with this week's Doctor Who Adventures! And inside your issue, there's loads of need-to-know Dalek data...

Find out all the essential facts about Dalek ships - even how to test drive one! Check out Matt Smith's answers to more of your brilliant questions (is he really a good dancer in real life?). Plus, as well as the usual fantastic posters, you'll get a amazing Dalek 'Wanted' poster, find out how cool and creepy Doctor Who sounds are made in our backstage special (shh - there's lots of celery involved!), get your brain whirring with our huge cracked crossword, find out which scene won our 'funniest clangers' award and read a brand-new comic adventure starring the Doctor and Amy!

Wow - ALL THAT in one magazine - maybe Doctor Who Adventures uses Time Lord TARDIS technology!

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 180, is out now (19 August)!