In a new interview with Digital Spy, Matt Smith talks about the upcoming Doctor Who Live shows, the Tardis scenes for the series 5 boxset release, movie rumours, and a bit about the Christmas special. Extract is below.

There are always rumours about a film...
"Yeah, I think a Doctor Who film would be great. They'd probably get Johnny Depp or someone though."

How did you feel when you heard the Johnny Depp rumour?
"I think it's quite a canny piece of casting, really. I'm sure he'd be very good!"

Are you excited about the upcoming Christmas special?
"Yeah, I think it's going to be brilliant. Steven's written a belter. The Doctor meets this old Christmas miser, played by Michael Gambon. He was just brilliant. Perfect for Doctor Who. What a Doctor he'd have made in his day! I always wanted to do a Christmas Who episode. It's a real milestone, so I'm very pleased to have got one in the can."

Do you feel more confident now you're approaching your second series?
"Yeah, I know what to expect a bit more now. The first week of my first series was just a blur. It was so mad. Hopefully now I can approach it in a more measured way and push the boundaries of this part somewhere new. I think I'll be better equipped to hit the ground running, because I felt I got better as the series went on last year."

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