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Check out photos and a review of last night’s Doctor Who Live show in the Birmingham NIA, sent in from Tardis Base reader Brad, formerly the owner of Doctor Who fansite The Gallifrey Vortex. Material © Tardis Base & Brad.

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Last night I travelled to Birmingham with my family, to see Doctor Who Live at the NIA. The show opens with the Ood introducing us to their new master, Vorgenson, the son of Vorg from Carnival of Monsters, who has built an amazing but highly dangerous machine, the Minimiser. Vorgenson, who is a huge fan of The Doctor’s, keeps the deadly creatures from The Doctor’s travels inside this machine, ready to release and view at his own disposal.

“The Monsters are coming!” is what we here next from Vorgenson, before an amazing rocked up version of the Doctor Who theme tune is played by Ben Foster and his orchestra, as various creatures from The Doctor’s encounters are unleashed upon the arena. Throughout the show, Vorgenson releases monsters, including the Silurians, Scarecrows, Clockwork robots, Cybermen, and many more, from his minimiser upon the audience, accompanied by amazing music from the band. But what Vorgenson wants is The Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, who appears on a large screen during the show, giving the audience the feeling that he is actually there. Vorgenson claims to be a fan, but there may be a darker reason to his wishes for The Doctor.

The show is absolutely brilliant, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend it to people of all ages as the storyline, music, monsters, effects, and much more, makes it appeal to all members of the family.  By far, Doctor Who LIVE was the most amazing stage show I have seen in my life!

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