TV Choice Magazine caught up with Matt Smith and Katy Manning to talk a bit about their upcoming adventure together in The Sarah Jane Adventures. You can read an extract from the interview below, or read the full one here.

So, the big question — why is the Doctor not wearing his normal shirt in The Sarah Jane Adventures?

Matt Smith: Sadly it’s the cameras we use on Sarah Jane, it makes the pattern flare on the Paul Smith shirt I normally wear. So I have to have a plain one, but it looks quite nice.

Was doing Sarah Jane part of the gig when you got Doctor Who? Or did it come along a bit later?

Matt Smith:
No it came along at the end of Doctor Who, really, and they mentioned it to me. I knew Russell T Davies was going to be writing the script and I’m really fond of Lis [Sladen, who plays Sarah Jane]…

Katy, what’s been going on with Jo Grant since we saw her last?

Katy Manning:
What I love is that she hasn’t stopped travelling since leaving the Doctor [in 1973]. She has been to Mozambique, the Ganges, the top of the Andes, down the Amazon — all over the place. If you lived your life like that, it would be pretty hard to settle down, have a couple of kids and attend mothers’ meetings!

What’s it been like playing Jo Grant again after 37 years?

Katy Manning: She’s been buried under a pile of other demented characters that I have played! When Jo was told that she was going to come out she was like, ‘Out of my way, out of my way!’ Also you have to bear in mind she couldn’t be an elderly woman in mini-skirts and platform shoes. So you have to think about this woman who has matured.

Death of the Doctor airs next Monday and Tuesday at 5.15pm on CBBC.