The Official Nintendo Magazine website has put forum user questions to the makers of the new Doctor Who games for the Wii and DS, finally giving us some information on what it’s all about. See an extract of answers below.

Q. What aliens from the show will be featured in the games?

A. Famous monsters from the show that feature in the game are the Silurians, Cybermen and, of course, the Daleks. The most famous alien being The Doctor himself.

Q. Is there going to be motion controls?

A. The Wii game utilises a targeting system with the Wii Remote, so it has a unique mix of 3rd person action and stealth plus target shooting. This allows for many exciting moments where the player may have to make a perfect shot in time before being seen by a patrolling adversary, or they may have to fire successfully at targets to switch off approaching hazards.

Q. Why have you decided to release Doctor Who games on Wii and DS and rather than Xbox, PS3 etc?

A. The Nintendo Wii and DS are perfect due to the control options and the Wii Remote was just crying out to be used as a Sonic Screwdriver! Nintendo also connect to a wider audience and Doctor Who is loved by young children and adults alike, which makes Nintendo platforms perfect for the Doctor Who games.

You can read the whole article here. Doctor Who Return to Earth and Evacuation Earth are released on Friday November 12th.