To celebrate the return of the Doctor, the Tardis Base has put together a new banner (seen above) showing all of the characters from Death of the Doctor, the exciting story of The Sarah Jane Adventures which is coming next week!

Just minutes ago The Vault of Secrets part 2 ended (catch up here) and the first trailer was shown for Death of the Doctor, which see’s appearances from Jo Grant, UNIT, and we meet new aliens the Shansheeth and the Groske.

Plus below is another trailer for the episode, being shown on CBBC.

And just released today are a bunch of new episode stills from the story, which you can see here on Blogtor Who along with promotional and behind the scenes pictures. Death of the Doctor airs next Mon and Tues at 5.15pm on CBBC, and on BBC One on Thurs and Fri at 4.30pm the same week.