SFX have released 20 teasers for A Christmas Carol, they contain mild spoilers for anyone trying to avoid them. Check them out below!

  • The episode is a tour de force for Matt Smith. Amy and Rory are pretty much sidelined as Smith explodes like a force of nature from the screen. He is magnificent
  • It’s fantasy, through and through. It’s a Christmas whimsy that pays mere lip service to science fiction. This is Moffat’s vision of the show as a dark fairy tale taken further than ever before. We’re predicting some people will have a problem with this. Your enjoyment may be in relation to your ability to suspend disbelief
  • Two articles of clothing from the Doctor’s past make cameo appearances
  • There’s an unexpected continuity reference to the Tom Baker story “Pyramids Of Mars”
  • The Doctor is asked for some advice that he cannot give
  • The Doctor gets married
  • Katherine can act. You might be worried about a singer who’s never acted before taking on such a major role, but she’s really very good.
  • There are more witty, quotable lines per minute than ever before
  • Some of the FX are outstanding, but a couple are, well, shall we just say… over-ambitious
  • The production design is stunning
  • It’s not the most action-packed of Christmas special. There are some great, exciting set pieces, but mostly it’s a character piece
  • Michael Gambon is, of course, amazing.
  • The names in the opening titles are all Christmas-ed up
  • It’s fish and ships for Christmas!
  • It’s very, very, very Christmassy, and quite emotional
  • There’s a trailer for next season at the end (roll over for spoilery info: the Utah shoot looks incredible, we think we spotted an Ood, and there is a mention of Jammy Dodgers!)
  • Two of the Doctor’s trusted aides aren’t quite so reliable
  • Parents may hope that children won’t ask them to explain one gag
  • The final shot would make a good Christmas card
  • The Doctor has one major costume change (other than ones involving putting Father Christmas hats on)

    And below are Digital Spys ten teasers:

  • 1. The Doctor finally tells a lie too big for the psychic paper.
    2. "The other half is ****** the *****."
    3. We learn exactly why bow-ties are cool.
    4. Abigail breaks into song twice, but there's an interesting reason why.
    5. The Doctor once spent a revealing evening with Frank Sinatra, Einstein and Father Christmas.
    6. "Why are they singing?" "For ***** *****."
    7. Turns out The Doctor is rubbish at card tricks.
    8. "Marilyn, get your coat!"
    9. Kazran gets a glimpse at his past, present and future - but not in the way you might expect.
    10. "No chance. Completely impossible. Except at Christmas."