Russell T Davies has said in an interview with AOL Television that the new Torchwood is not a reboot.

"It's been of air for a couple of years and actually that shows on-screen," Davies told AOL Television. "But importantly for fans, there's not a glitch. It's literally the same show." However, Russell has made it very clear that he want's to attract new viewers to the show.

"With a new channel and a new start, it could be brand new for you," he said. "There are new characters... who know nothing about Torchwood. They're like the new... audience. New viewers can all come and join in. Part of the legend of the first episode is digging up the mystery of Torchwood."

He also said that the final episode of mini-series Children of Earth was intended as a possible end to the show.

"Children of Earth sort of ended in disaster, death and tragedy and that could have been the end," he explained. "We literally thought if that series hadn't worked, we'd be sitting here mourning and still crying at something that had been killed in its prime. It was a nice, decent ending if it needed to be, but thank God, it's come back."

Torchwood Miracle Day will air this July on BBC One in the UK and Starz in Amercia.

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