After Piers Wagner and Beth Willis announced they were leaving Doctor Who as Executive producers after Series 6, it wouldn't be long before a new producer was announced.

Steven Moffat has confirmed that one of the new producers will be Caroline Skinner who will be joining the team in time for this year's Christmas special.

Steven Moffat has said:
“The exec joining me on Doctor Who is Caroline Skinner. Somewhere between me laughing in a basement and choosing planets to invade, and Marcus Wilson raising armies, there has to be a Prime Minister actually running the whole thing. It takes a particular kind of person to work on this show – you have to be prepared to work every day, and above all, understand that Doctor Who is impossible to make and then make it anyway. I could see all that in Caroline.”
Caroline has worked on shows such as Five Days, The Fades, The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North.