It seems that Karen Gillan will be making her west end theatre debut this Autumn with the revival of John Osbourne's 1964 play Inadmissible Evidence.
Bill Maitland, a middle aged lawyer, struggles to avoid the harsh truths of his life and keep a hold on reality. As those closest to him begin to draw away, he puts himself on trial to fight for his sanity.
The play will be on at  Donmar Warehouse Theatre, and she will be playing Bill Maitland's secretary, Shirley

The Daily Mail has reported that Gillan really impressed the director, Jamie Lloyd.
Karen read twice for him at auditions and he was impressed with her charisma and her natural instincts. "More importantly, she can do the text convincingly and she feels as if she comes from that Sixties British Mad Men world," Lloyd added.
The play starts on 13th October and runs until 26th November.