Torchwood's creator, Russell T Davies has admitted that he thinks Torchwood works better as a shorter series.

Davies said that the ten-part series Miracle Day works better as a 10-part series against much longer American series because it retains being action-packed.

"I come from Britain, where the industry is smaller and we tend to have less money, but it survives because we're making much shorter series. I like it," Davies told the Los Angeles Times. "I've lived in America now for two years, and you get these blocks of programming that run for 23 weeks of the year. And when they all stop before the summer, it's like TV land is empty."
"I think stations should be more nimble and have ten-parters, six-parters. Audiences are getting smaller and more niche now; it just seems like the smart thing to do. That's what happened with Starz. We came in with a 13-part series for Torchwood, and they were like 'cut it down, cut it down' to ten episodes... We really made it fly."
Do you think Torchwood works better as a short series or would you like to see a full 13-episode series of Torchwood again?