Digital Spy has revealed their usual 10 teasers for the upcomming episode of Doctor Who. You can read the 10 teasers for Let's Kill Hitler below:
1. There's a new traveller aboard the TARDIS.

2. "You don't know about the Doctor, 'cos you're stupid."

3. Our Time Lord hero's snazzy new coat makes its debut in this episode.

4. "That's what you said when we made Rasputin *****."

5. Top hats are cool.

6. "You will experience a tingling sensation and then death."

7. Bananas are still good.

8. "Take off your clothes!"

9. River's romantic past with The Doctor is (sort of) explored.

10. "You shot my TARDIS!"
 Doctor Who returns with Let's Kill Hitler this Saturday at 7:10pm on BBC One and BBC HD.