Matt Smith has revealed how he would love the 50th Anniversary in 2013 to be shot in 3D!

He told BANG Showbiz: 
"I love making 'Doctor Who' and I get to be part of that 50th year which they'll do something mental for. You know it will be brilliant. I'm interested in all the 3-D stuff. If it could be filmed for 3D TV that would be fun, especially with 'Doctor Who', but it's very expensive. I don't know how they'd do it."
 He also insisted he was never worried about his future as the Doctor, saying:
"For me, it's just that I know that I'm going to shoot 14 episodes, of which I'll be in all of them. How they'll actually schedule it, I don't know. But all I know is that we start in February."
Do you think Doctor Who in 3D would be a good idea?