Reports on have said that a brand new 26-disc set featuring all of David Tennant's stories is being released in the US.

The set, which will be released on October 11th will feature all of David Tennant's stories from his first apperance in 2005, to his last in 2010, including the two annimated stories, The Infinate Quest and Dreamland.

It will also include never-before-seen behind the scenes footage, and will be available to buy at an RPP of £199.98.

Read the press-release below: 
Just in time for the holidays, the BBC brings together in one massive collection the complete David Tennant years as the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who! Perhaps no Doctor has been more popular in North America than David Tennant. He burst onto the scene in the newly revitalized Doctor Who after the short reign of Christopher Eccleston, and for four seasons inhabited and revitalized the character, leaving an indelible stamp on the franchise. This will be the must-own holiday present to the legion of devoted Doctor Who fans. 
Do you think a similar set will be coming to the UK?