Check out 20 teasers from for this Saturdays episode of Doctor Who, "The Girl Who Waited", below:
"You want to update Twitter?"

"Time's gone wobbly."

"I'm dead in a day."

"It's seeing with its fingers."

"Try our roller coaster zone."

"Eyes front, soldier."

"Anything beats a fez, eh?"

"Do not be alarmed, this is a kindness."

"A bit of Earth, a bit of alien, a bit of... whatever the hell that is."

"Voted number two planet in the 'Top 10 Greatest Destinations for the Discerning Intergalactic Traveller'."

Let's hope that the 'Planet of the Coffee Shops' makes an appearance in Series 7.

A sonic what?

The TARDIS has a more low-fi version of a certain piece of Torchwood tech.

'The Green Anchor and The Red Waterfall' would make a good name for a sci-fi themed pub.

An unusual sat-nav is needed to help out.

Hello Cardiff landmark!

There's a race of people who share Time Lord qualities.

Jettison the karaoke bar? Surely not...

Two things that happened in 'The Big Bang' also take place here.

It's a pity John Cleese and Eleanor Bron weren't available to recreate a scene.
The Girl Who Waited airs Saturday at 7.15pm on BBC One.