Here is a selection of press reactions to "Night Terrors".
Den of Geek: "What impressed me about Night Terrors – and I really did enjoy this episode – is that what it achieves is largely done with its strong ideas. The concept of an alien ‘cuckoo’ child (the Tensa, Tensor, Tenser? You tell me) with psychic powers strong enough to communicate with the Doctor across galaxies, doesn’t feel completely original, but it didn’t need to be because it’s used well, not least as a way of allowing the viewer an insight into the unusual and warped way that children can perceive the world..."Read More...
Independent Blog: "Beautifully written and very touching, the simple premise of ‘Night Terrors’ made it effective, the classic tale of the little boy who is afraid of monsters..."Read More
The Telegraph: "Night Terrors was that traditional Doctor Who staple – implanting the alien and terrible into a domestic situation, where even seemingly innocuous objects can turn nasty. With this episode we had probably the creepiest puppets ever realised on television providing the terrors - and stealing the show. The scenes where they turned people into fellow puppets provided moments of genuine horror, and giving them children’s voices was a masterstroke...."Read More
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